Yogurt candy, yogurt pretzels, mango and strawberry candies

Mango Hi-Chew + Yogurt Candy = Mango Lassi

Strawberry Hi-Chew + Yogurt Candy = Strawberry Smoothie

Hi-Chews are chewy Japanese candies that are just like Starburst candies. They’re so popular now that I found a 100 piece multiflavor (mango, strawberry, grape, and green apple) bag at Costco.

Here in town, Oto’s Marketplace has a great section of all kinds of candies and treats from Japan. In addition to Hi-Chews, you can also find this Chelsea Yogurt Scotch candy, which tastes remarkably like tart, soft serve yogurt.

Most Asian stores will carry at least the Hi-Chews, but the yogurt candy may be harder to find. Amazon is probably the best place to order online if you can’t find any locally, since the shipping seems to be the lowest. Yogurt covered pretzels are pretty easy to find, and can be used in place of the yogurt candy.
Strawberry Smoothie Lei and Mango Lassi Lei w/ Jamba Juice gift card, horizontal

Follow my previous directions for Candy Lei, alternating the candies.

Strawberry Smoothie Lei and Mango Lassi Lei w/ Jamba Juice gift card, vertical

You can even tie on a Jamba Juice gift card so your recipient can get a real smoothie later.

I punched a hole in the gift card and tied it to one of the ribbons. Just be careful not to punch a hole in the magnetic strip or the UPC code on the gift card, or you’ll probably void it.

It’s nice if you just want to give a small token gift, or have a lot of people you need to give something to–you can attach a $5.00 gift card to the lei and not break your budget.

For a $5.00 gift card though, you need to visit an actual Jamba Juice store (or whatever other place you like) to purchase it. Many grocery stores and drug stores carry Jamba Juice gift cards, but they are $15 and $25 gift cards.


Strawberry Smoothie Lei made with Strawberry Candies and Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Anyone else thirsty now?