LoriHello, I’m Lori, creator of Guava Rose. I love to cook, bake, and create. A lot of the time I just experiment without using recipes or directions. It’s just the way I am. My goal is simply to do things the quickest and easiest way possible and get great results while creating the least number of dishes to clean up. Oh, and the healthiest way possible too. I frequently have the urge to cut calories, fat, salt, and sugar. My recipes aren’t always necessarily low in fat or sodium or sugar, but I’m aiming for balance. Today, I devote most of my time to being a wife and mother.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, so you’ll often see a lot of island influences in my cooking, creations, and musings. Though the oceans are pretty, I love the tropical mountains and rain forests best.

I now live across the ocean in California, so I try to find small bits of sunshine and paradise wherever I can in my everyday life. It might be recreating or adapting a recipe from my childhood, or while taking a walk, spying tropical flowers and marveling at how they somehow were able to take root and flourish here. On rare occasions when the birds get really noisy here, I’m taken back to memories of many childhood mornings when I would be awakened  by the sounds of hundreds of  birds chirping, and the chilly mountain breeze rustling through my open bedroom windows.

Developing recipes for chiffon style Hawaiian cakes is my passion and has become my specialty. One bite takes me right back home. To protect the individuals eating my food (mainly my family), I’ve changed their names and given them lovely nicknames. You’ll see mention of my dear husband, the Blue Dinosaur; our older two children, Cole and Kallie; and our youngest daughters Laurel and Quill.

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading along and sharing in my fun adventures.

Please feel free to contact me about anything related to my recipes or Guava Rose.