Doughbot front window

I finally was able to stop by Doughbot Donuts in midtown the other day.

They are rumored to have won a Donut Showdown competition, like our American Cupcake Wars, on the Food Network Channel in Canada late last year.

Robot in front window

Robot sitting at the front window

I read that the owners are a couple who are obsessed with donuts and robots, so they combined the two.

Wall of robots

Wow, robots and robot artwork galore!

Strangely mesmerizing, but definitely fun. And I do love quirky.

You’ll probably want to sit on the vintage sofa right under this display and absorb it all.

Bookshelf with robots, books, and games

More robot themed books, toys and stuff to peruse

Donut display case

They sell out pretty quickly.

Here’s the display case at 10:00 am. I was lucky they had a few more s’mores coming out.


Some of the donut descriptions are written on the glass wall to the left of the display case, where you can see some of the prep work being done.

Cutting Marshmallows

Here I was able to catch a glimpse of the house made marshmallows being cut.

They’re later placed on the s’more donuts and torched to go.

Doughbot donuts: maple bacon, lavender lemon, coconut-lime malasada w/li hing powder, the dude, s'more

Counter clockwise from the bottom:  Bacon Maple– bacon studded yeast raised donut topped with maple glazeLemon LavenderLime-Coconut Malasada filled with lime-coconut custard and rolled in Li Hing Sugar;  The Dude– White Russian whipped cream filled, dipped in Kahlua reduction glaze;  S’more– cinnamon sugar cake donut dipped in chocolate ganache, topped with house made marshmallow, toasted to order

These donuts aren’t fluff, they’re clearly denser, handmade donuts, with deliciously homemade fillings and toppings.

My favorite was the Lemon Lavender, though I couldn’t really taste the lavender.

Doughbot credit 2

Looking for an unusual gift certificate?  Bot Credit to the rescue!