Li See Envelopes

Some Li See (Red/Lucky Money) envelopes are so beautiful, it always seems such a shame to throw them away once they tear or get crumpled.

One way to make them last longer is to make them into little laminated tags, which can be tied onto gifts.
Cut outs placed into laminating sheets
Carefully cut out the portion of the design you want. I cut out the felicitations separately because I wanted them to be separate banners.

Place the cut outs into laminating sheets and process them through a laminator.

You could also place the cut out between two sheets of clear contact paper, but it would be less sturdy and less colorful.

Process of making tag using laminated pictures
Left top: Laminated sheet

Left bottom: Cut the designs out of the laminated sheet, cutting near but not too close to the picture edges. I left some laminated plastic space above the pony’s head, and at the end of the Best Wishes banner to allow room to punch a hole.

Right: Place the banner vertically behind the pony, lining up the clear areas.Punch a hole through both layers. Fold an 11″ piece of thin ribbon (3 mm) in half. From the front horse side, push the folded end in about one inch through the holes, creating a loop. Bring the two ribbon ends up the backside, and poke them in through the loop. Pull the ends until the knot is snug. If desired, thread a tiny jingle bell (9 mm) through the front ribbon, pushing it all the way down snug to the knot.

Year of the Horse Tags

When my kids were little, they liked tying stuff like this on their lunch boxes and back packs.

Now that they’re teens, most likely of couple of these will get their ends knotted together and slung over a push pin on a bulletin board, or hung on a door knob.
Bag of Sesame Ginger Puffed Rice Crunch w/Year of the Horse Tag

They look really pretty tied onto a bag of homemade treats, likeĀ Sesame Ginger Puffed Rice Crunch here.

I used double stick tape behind the banner and the horses to get them to stay in the middle of the bag. Use regular tape to tape down the ribbon on the back of the bag so it doesn’t hang loose and look messy.
Bag of Sesame Ginger Puffed Rice Crunch and stack of shortbread oatcakes

Sesame Ginger Puffed Rice Crunch and a Stack of Year of the Horse Shortbread Oatcakes

All set to go visiting family and friends with New Year’s treats.

Just need to add some oranges and tangerines.
Wrapped Shortbread Oatcakes, packaged and tied wi/Year of the Horse Tag

Single Shortbread Oatcakes with Year of the Horse Tags

Fun to let classmates and friends choose which tag they want.
Apple Chips with Year of the Horse Tag
Can’t forget those who have food allergies or follow gluten free diets.
Apple Chips fit the horse theme, and these even already have a hole at the top of the bag to tie on the tag!