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Cornstarch added to guava nectar concentrate

Place guava nectar concentrate into a small saucepan, and add the cornstarch.
Cornstarch whisked into guava nectar concentrate

Whisk cornstarch into the nectar concentrate until there are no lumps.
Guava glaze beginning to bubble

Cook over medium high heat, whisking frequently until thickened and bubbling.
Guava glaze bubbling

Allow to cook another minute.
Guava glazed cooling in a bowl

Pour into a shallow bowl and cool to room temperature (~20-25 minutes).

Cover with plastic wrap and chill about 20 minutes, until it is the consistency of thickened gelatin—no firmer, or it will be difficult to glaze over the whipped cream frosting.
Cooled Guava Glaze, stirred up
After the glaze has chilled, stir it up a bit until it is smooth.
Streaming guava glaze over frosted cake
Use a rubber spatula to scoop up the glaze to “stream” it across the cake top in as even lines as possible.
Streaming guava glaze over frosted cake, close up

Repeat until the surface is covered in a rectangle almost to the edges.
Guava glazed streamed over cake top
Not too pretty, but we can fix that.
Smoothing out glaze 1
Use the flat side of the spatula or a small, angled frosting spatula (better) to smooth the lines of glaze together, and gently neaten things up.
Smoothing out glaze 2
Try not to flick up any whipped cream into the glaze.
Smoothing out glaze 3
Oops, got to close up that little hole.
You’ll want to smooth the glaze out swiftly, while it’s still pretty soft.
Whole Guava Chiffon Cake, diagonal top
Ok, looks like a pretty neat rectangle.
Whole Guava Chiffon Cake, top side angle 2
Cover and chill at least 48 hours before serving.

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