Kalua Pig, cabbage and pico de gallo in pa'i'ai tortillas

Kalua Pork Taco in Pa’iai Tortilla, with steamed cabbage and pico de gallo

Recently I got some pastured pork butt from the Sunday morning Farmers Market for the first time, and it made the most delicious Kalua Pig!

It was so tender and juicy– I could hardly believe how much better it tasted than pork from the grocery store.

After the pork was done cooking, I sliced up some cabbage, and cooked it in the meat juices—mmmm! It gets even better…then I put the kalua pig, cabbage, and some pico de gallo into a tortilla I made from pa’i’ai. BEST ever!!!!
Pa'i'ai dough rolled out into a tortilla

In my last post on making pa’i’ai pizza  from Mana Ai, you’ll remember that all it took was adding a little flour and water to the pa’i’ai and kneading it to make a dough.

I actually used Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix here, which is basically a combination of gluten free flours mixed with baking powder and xanthan gum. Plain flour is fine, but I think the all purpose mix with baking powder will yield a slightly thicker, puffier tortilla.

For the tortillas, roll the dough out 1/8″ thick into 5″ – 6″ rounds.

Pa'i'ai tortilla cooking in skillet

Cook them for 2 to 2-1/2 minutes on each side in a little coconut or other oil in a skillet.

Here I used my trusty old cast iron skillet.

If you have a large rectangular griddle, you can go faster and cook more than one tortilla at a time.
Pa'i'ai tortillas covered with plate

Stack the tortillas as they are cooked, and keep them covered with a towel or another plate.

This will not only keep them warm, but also allow the steam to soften the tortillas and make them more pliable.
Kalua Pig, cabbage and pico de gallo in pa'i'ai tortillas

Absolutely DELISH!!!

Pa'i'ai Tortillas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Nice thick and chewy tortillas
Recipe type: Side
Cuisine: Island
Serves: 8
  • 8 oz. pa'i'ai
  • 1 c. or more regular/gluten free, flour or all purpose baking mix (containing baking powder)
  • ½ c. or more water
  • 8 tsp. coconut or other oil
  1. Crumble pa’i'ai on a floured surface. Knead in flour and water until a smooth dough forms. Add small amounts of flour and water if necessary while kneading the dough to get a final dough that is not sticky.
  2. Divide dough into 8 equal balls. On a floured surface, roll each ball out ⅛" thick into 5" to 6" rounds.
  3. Heat a skillet on medium high heat. Add ½ tsp. coconut oil and let melt. Place one tortilla on top, cook for 2 to 2-1/2 minutes. Lift tortilla up and place another ½ tsp. coconut oil into the pan before flipping the tortilla over to cook the other side. Cook another 2 to 2-1/2 minutes until the tortilla is cooked through. Adjust temperature up or down as needed during the cooking process. Repeat with the remaining tortillas.
  4. Stack the tortillas as they are cooked, and keep them covered with a towel or another plate until ready to serve.