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Pa'i'ai Tortillas (Allergy Friendly)

Pa’i’ai Tortillas (Allergy Friendly)

Kalua Pork Taco in Pa’iai Tortilla, with steamed cabbage and pico de gallo Recently I got some pastured pork butt from the Sunday morning Farmers Market for the first time, and it made the most delicious Kalua Pig! It was so tender and juicy– I could hardly believe how much better it tasted than pork...
Busy Day Salsa Soup

Busy Day Salsa Soup

Some days you’re just running around all day. Yesterday was a day like that for me, and in between all my errands, I made a quick run to Trader Joe’s. The nice thing about going to Trader Joe’s, is that they always have some nice food samples to munch on. They taste especially good when...