This post continues our outingĀ  in San Francisco Japantown. If you missed Part 1,click here.

After exploring the shops for a few hours and spending a good chunk of time at Kinokuniya Bookstore, we were ready for a break.
Belly Good Cafe and Crepes

Laurel and Quill really wanted to try some crepes, as we had been passing by two crepe shops a few times already.

The crepe shop by the bookstore wasn’t open yet, so we walked back over to the west side of the mall at stopped at Belly Good Cafe’ & Crepes.

Crepe Menu

Here’s part of the extensive crepe menu board. They also serve boba drinks and mochi ice cream, but I saw most people ordering crepes.

Stawberries, Bananas,& Chocolate Crepe w/ vanilla ice cream

Laurel got the strawberry, banana, chocolate crepe with vanilla ice cream.

I don’t know about the other crepe shop, but this one decorates their crepes with little faces. Kawaii!

I have to say though, that how cute the faces are depends on who is serving you. We met friends the day before, who got crepes here, but their crepe faces were nowhere near as cute as the ones we got. It seems the young twenty something year old girls who work here tend to make the cuter faces.

 Strawberries, Bananas, and Nutella Crepe for a girl

You have the option of getting your crepe on a plate, or rolled up in a cone shape.

This is my strawberry, banana and nutella crepe rolled into a cone. It was delicious!

The face was a little crazy looking, but colorful. I wonder if they look at the customer and decorate accordingly…

Strawberries, Bananas, and Nutella Crepe for a guy

Well they must, because this is the Blue D’s crepe. He took a bite of mine and went off to order the same crepe for himself.

Doesn’t this face look like it’s meant for a guy?

Of course Quill had to be different and order a salmon and cream cheese cone crepe, which she loved. It wasn’t decorated with a face or anything special, so I didn’t take a picture of it.

She also didn’t have any problem tasting my crepe, quite a bit of my crepe.

Japanese Game machine

Directly across of the crepe cafe was a game arcade filled with Japanese games.

Crazy looking stuffed toys and candy prizes

A deluge of bright flashing lights and sounds…

Game machine with chips, pocky, stuffed animals

Game machine with treats and Miku Hatsune

It was interesting to see some of the prizes–lots of stuffed animal toys, but surprisingly a lot of chips and candy.

I’ll bet a lot of kids try to win the uber popular blue haired Miku Hatsune on the bottom.


Sweet Land 4 game machine w/ hi-chews

Hi-Chews! The Japanese Starburst candy.

Machine with hanging prizes

More hodge podges of prizes…

Claw game w/ domos

And of course the claw game, full of pink and brown domos. They seem to be everywhere.

We were in and out of here quickly– at a dollar a game, Laurel and Quills’ tokens didn’t last very long.


Back across the way at May’s Coffee Shop, we made one last stop so Quill could get her chocolate taiyaki.

Around to the right side of the taiyaki sign is the window where you can order all sorts of American, Japanese, and Hawaiian style dishes–bacon and eggs, hamburgers and hotdogs, loco moco, saimin, donburi, shave ice…almost anything you’re in the mood for.

They seemed to be the only place inside the mall open at 8:00 am, so one morning I enjoyed some bacon, toast and fried potatoes– happily, in the form of a club sandwich and fries. Fresh, and not greasy, it really hit the spot.