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Cherry Almond Cookie Bites

Cherry Almond Cookie Bites

Tiny almond cookie bites crowned with bits of cherries. I made some of these earlier for my Chinese Candy Box. Usually Chinese almond cookies are topped with a dot of red food coloring, or a blanched almond. As I’m always trying to find alternatives to artificial food colorings, I thought I’d try to use a...
Horlick's Malt Cookie Tablets

Horlick’s Malt Cookie Tablets

Scrapbook of Memories--Childhood Favorites: Superheroes and Candies Toys and candy -- two of the most memorable parts of childhood. Of course I had Barbies. My sister always kept her dolls neatly in their suitcase-like carrier, clothes and shoes neatly on, and any extra accessories neatly stowed away in their proper drawers. I, on the...