Silver pumpkin alien head w/ small silver pumpkins

We did a lot of research on space aliens, Area 51, and Roswell several years ago, when Quill decided she liked aliens.

We even made a trip to New Mexico and visited the Roswell UFO Museum. And yes, it was very cheesy.

Whenever Quill likes something, she researches the subject matter thoroughly (unfortunately these subject matters rarely coincide with school subjects…oh well, maybe one day she’ll be on Jeopardy or something and all this info will come in handy).

Alien pumpkin head and spaceship

Of course, for her eighth birthday, she requested an Alien Party.

Since her birthday is only a couple of weeks after Halloween, I found a bunch of carvable foam pumpkins on clearance at the craft store and made these decorations for her party.

It was pretty handy to find a flashing strobe light, usually only found around Halloween time, to put in the center of the space ship too.

Front entrance of pumpkin spaceship

On the wall, we stuck a crashed alien ship containing secret messages to be deciphered, which then led to alien pods hanging outside. Each kid had to find their special pod, which then needed to be cut open to reveal a plushie stuffed alien.

More games and crafts and fun, an alien shaped cake…all those types of parties and activities are long outgrown.

Back windows of pumpkin spaceship

Everyone used to tell me, “Enjoy them while they’re little– they grow up so fast.”
That is so hard to do when you’re in the thick of those busy, busy years. I would just nod my head and smile.

Many, many people would say this, even strangers in stores would stop to comment while I struggled to hold onto the hands of two toddlers.

I look back and wonder, how did those years go by so quickly? My toddlers are teens now? Where did my babies go? It’s too bad you can only truly appreciate those times, after they have passed.

Alien on spaceship
But at least I have a few keepsakes I hang onto.

Now at Halloween, when I bring out the spaceship and the alien head decorations, I can reminisce about those cherished times.

Then I nod my head and smile.