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Cornflake Cookies

Cornflake Cookies

Most of us, especially those of us of a “certain age” are sure to be familiar with Tony the Tiger. If you spent any part of your childhood watching cartoons on television, I’m sure you’ve seen him rave about frosted flakes. Tony is the childhood friend we, and even our kidsĀ all had. Last week was...
Horlick's Malt Cookie Tablets

Horlick’s Malt Cookie Tablets

Scrapbook of Memories--Childhood Favorites: Superheroes and Candies Toys and candy -- two of the most memorable parts of childhood. Of course I had Barbies. My sister always kept her dolls neatly in their suitcase-like carrier, clothes and shoes neatly on, and any extra accessories neatly stowed away in their proper drawers. I, on the...
Ice Cream Slushies

Ice Cream Slushies

So yesterday was actually this summer's 9th day of reaching 100 degrees or higher. Compared to the city average of 23 days of triple degree weather, that seems actually pretty good. It's been three hot weeks of school so far for my kids. Taking the bus and walking home in this kind of heat...
Kahlua Leopard Mochi-- What is Your Temperament?

Kahlua Leopard Mochi– What is Your Temperament?

I felt my heart skip a beat, and my stomach drop a few roller coaster feet when my father-in-law asked me this question several months ago. Had I gotten upset and yelled at the kids too many times? Did he witness me in a less than stellar moment? Oh no, what did I do?