I just thought I’d share some pictures with you to brighten your day today with these cuties~

Laurel spent hours making these for her high school senior project. She wanted to donate them to somewhere that benefits kids, so she is donating them to Lilu to sell at their annual fashion bag show on May 2.

(Laurel has also enjoyed being a member of Lilu, a teen-run non-profit that meets throughout the year to create and sew one-of-a-kind handbags to sell at their annual fundraiser for the Wind Youth Service Center. The Wind Youth Service Center provides outreach, social services, and emergency shelter for homeless youth, ages 12-24.)

Laurel and Quill had fun naming each doll and writing some pretty creative bios. Check them out below!
Left: Olivier– Though he may look grumpy, he is actually a sweetheart. He would give you the stripes                              off his back if he could.

Middle: Bellamy– Bellamy the Great, a magician with a cape! He aspires to be the best magician                                               ever, but his best trick so far is making his dinner disappear.

Right: TeeDee (short for Toki Doki)– She is spontaneous and lives life day by day. Often obsessed                                                                                 with electrolytes because she likes to brighten up people’s days.
Left: Augustus– You’ll always find him singing and dancing, waiting to be discovered by the big                                             names of the Sea

Middle: Mundo– Mundo is very suave, and very connected with his emotions. His plush wings are                                            always open for a comforting hug.

Right: Amelia– Flying is Amelia’s passion. Though she belongs in the water, she loves being in the air.                                 Don’t be surprised if you look out your window one day and see her zoom by.
Left: Pepper– Pepper loves to travel the countryside on his motorcycle. He finds joy in the wind                                          blowing against his face on a warm, sunny day.

Right: Brighton– Brighton is an intellectual. Cultured through his many travels, he holds much                                                  knowledge. Ask him anything & he’ll know the answer. One of his guilty pleasures is                                       marathoning Jeopardy.
Left: Samsam– Sam is a creature with a twinkle in his eye. Beware his mischief though– he’s fond of                                    throwing chocolate cream pie in peoples’ faces!

Middle: Koko– Koko is a fortune teller who believes she holds the keys to your past, present, and                                            future. She is correct only 30% of the time.

Right: Bert– During one of his time travelling adventures, Bert stole a very precious item–the Eye of                               Solomon– immortalizing him forever at age 21.
Left: Oxy Richard– His favorite book is the Oxford Dictionary. Oxy works at the library and in his                                                spare time writes poetry. He loves hosting poetry readings in the trees under                                                  moonlight.

Middle: Natasha– N is a mysterious character. Her job is delivering “messages.” You never know what                                     she’ll pull out of her bag. Who knows…maybe the next message will be for you!

Right: Franz Franco VIII– Franz comes from a prestigious lineage of anteaters, famous for their                                                               influence in archeology.



Right: Argon– A very lazy and taciturn creature, but has many noble qualities. Blue-green lasers                                         shoot from its eyes in the dark. Prone to spontaneous wing and tail flapping.


Left: Pacha– Hailing from a strange land, he sells unique trinkets. Nobody knows what language he                                speaks, but everyone is fond of his friendly disposition.

Middle: Bennett– Love is always on his mind. He’s a ladies’ man…always ready for a snuggle and a                                         cuddle.

Right: Chestnut– He has weathered many winters in the city roasting chestnuts on the street corner.                                      No one knows his real name, but his chestnuts are said to be “special.”
Left: Jasper– jasper likes to sniff things out. Deemed the “Golden Boy,” his grandest find was a 100#                                truffle. He’s the finest truffle hunter you’ll ever know.

Right: Rogelio– Rogelio used to be in a jazz band on tour, but the band retired. Now he’s on the                                                highway looking for love.
Chilling on the sofa~