Miso Soup Bar
Recently I was delighted to be chosen to help test recipes for Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

She’s working on her second cookbook, which will focus on lighter and healthier Asian fare. The recipes themselves remain under wraps, so enjoy the pictures for now.

I had one child home sick today, so soup seemed to be in order. This miso soup bar turned out to be a big hit with the family. Who doesn’t like to pick and choose their own stuff to put in their soup?

Crispy Rice Patties

Crispy Rice Patties.

Those disappeared pretty quickly too.

Crispy Rice Patties, close up

Fun, fun, fun. I just love experimenting.

Quill was definitely happy with this dinner. Hopefully she’ll feel well enough to be back at school tomorrow. She was sooo upset to miss school, because her science class was dissecting a squid today. Apparently a lot of kids were hyped up about the “Fun, fun, fun–Squid Dissection.” I hope her teacher lets her make it up.