Chickpea Kale soup packets in get well care package

Some get well sunshine for my sweetie~

It’s hard being away from your child when they’re sick. Only last month we settled Laurel in at college, and already she texted me that she’s sick. Something’s going around in the dorms now.

Oh how I wish I could make her a big pot of soup and be there to mother and comfort her, but next best thing I could do was to make her some packets of almost instant soup.

I sent some cheerfully wrapped packets to her, along with some vitamin C drink mixes and pocket tissues. Hopefully this little love from home will make her feel a little better and lift her spirits.
Chickpea Kale soup packet ingredients

The bouillon cubes shown above are actually double the size of normal cubes, so you have to read the labels and serving sizes carefully on the different brands and adjust accordingly and to taste.

For each single serving packet: 3 T. small pasta, 1 regular size bouillon cube or 1 T. powdered broth, 2 T. crunchy chickpeas, and 4 T. crushed kale chips. Layer into small ziplock bags.

Ingredient Notes:
Pasta: any small, thin pasta like A,B,C shaped or short, thin noodles
Soup base: 1 standard sized bouillon cube -they are so salty though, get the low sodium/salt free ones and add sea salt to taste; my favorite is a vegetarian chicken bouillon powder from the bulk bins at my food co-op.
Crunchy chickpeas: most any savory flavor will work; you can find many recipes online if you want to make your own
Kale chips: these are my homemade nacho cheeze ones that I make in my dehydrator. We definitely prefer dehydrated ones vs. oven baked. The latter have never turned out well for me–either tastes like steamed kale or burnt tasting. For ease, you can just buy kale chips, though they tend to be a bit pricey.
Chickpea Kale soup packets and mug

Laurel already has this handy red mug. I thought it was the perfect size to use as a mug or a bowl in her dorm room.

To prepare the soup, place the contents of one packet into a 2 cup mug. Add 8 oz. water. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Stir and enjoy. Pretty simple to do in a dorm room.

Chickpea Kale soup, top view
These packets may also be nice to have around during the cooler weather for any kids or house guests to have something warm and savory easily.Chickpea Kale soup
Definitely a good and tasty way to have some leafy greens!

Chickpea Kale Soup Packets
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
For each single serving packet:
  • 3 T. small, thin pasta
  • 1 bouillon cube or 1 T. powdered bouillon
  • 2 T. crunchy chickpeas
  • 4 T. crushed kale chips
  1. Layer ingredients into small ziplock bags.
  2. To prepare soup: Add contents into a 2 cup mug along with 8 oz. water. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Stir and enjoy.