Decorated fairy treehouses by Whispers of the Past

Beautiful Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes by Whispers From the Past~

There are so many interesting things to see at the Dicken’s Fair. One Yelp review said that it really takes four days to see everything, and I think with all the entertainments and performances scheduled, that I agree.

Here are just a few of the things that I enjoyed.

Decorated Fairy Houses by Whispers from the Past 2
Utterly Charming! Teapot mushroom houses by Whispers From the Past.

Decorate your own fairy house
There’s even an area to decorate your own fairy house. Here are two samples.
This delightful area, produced by Whispers From the Past also, is pretty popular with kids and gets very crowded by afternoon time.

Floral headbands and headwreaths
Festive headbands and head wreaths~

Waltzing in Fezziwig's warehouse
Waltzing in Fezziwig’s Warehouse. Don’t hesitate to join in the merriment!

Boot the Cat Game
Victorian style games.
Yep, really, throw some boots at the cats! lol

Foundry giftware
Pretty pewter gifts~

Fitz-Gerald Manor shop 2
And oh, I think really my favorite place of all– Fitz-Gerald Manor Shop.

Fitz-Gerald Manor shop 1
According to, Fitz-Gerald Manor Shops only exists during the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. It specializes in 19th century authors, in particular Charles Dickens.

Teacups in Fitz-Gerald Manor shop
I don’t believe the books were for sale, but the teacups and teapots were!
Fitz-Gerald Manor shop 4
Oh how I wish I had more time to look through all the books.
Fitz-Gerald Manor shop 3
Tea and books are a lovely combination.
Absinthe Bar
For those who imbibe, there are four pubs, and this Absinthe Bar.
Most of the spirits I consume tend to be in cooking and baking, but I did admire this art nouveau sign.

Charles Dickens conversing with a woman
Eavesdropping on conversations is part of all the fun!

Probably the greatest entertainments are the people watching (both actors and attendees in costume), and hearing snippets of conversations between characters.

I did my best to eavesdrop on this conversation between Charles Dickens and this woman. It was rather noisy around, but I did manage to hear them discussing some “amusement” or other.

And there are many amusements indeed at the Dicken’s Fair.

…more pictures to come…