Meat Pie Shop
There are so many food choices at the Dicken’s Fair, but I had kept reading about how wonderful these little pies were.
Racks of Meat Pies
How tempting they all looked stacked up on the racks.
Meat Pie Shop Menu
Hmm, what should I get?
Steak and Mushroom Pie
Steak and Mushroom Pie! Mmmm!!! The crust on top is like a croissant. Sooo delicious, and piping hot.

Favorite of the day. I shared one with the Blue D. and wanted more, but knew we had more food to try.
Fish and chips
Fish and Chips, hot and crispy– definitely a winner.
Bangers and Mash shop
We really wanted to try some bangers and mash, but we had reservations for high tea in a few hours.
Turkish coffee at Mr. Brown's  Fine Coffees and Teas
So the Blue D. got a tiny cup of Turkish coffee from Mr. Brown’s Fine Coffees and Teas.

I tried a tiny sip–it was strooong, but at least it had a touch of sweetener in it. Blue D. liked it. I guess though, that’s how strong I apparently used to make coffee.

You see, I’ve never been a coffee drinker. Coffee ice cream, coffee candy, coffee desserts–yes. Straight coffee to drink–no. I never knew that the coffee I made for the Blue D. while we were dating was apparently industrial strength. He always smiled and told me it was very good.

I had no inkling until a couple of years after we were married, and I brewed a pot for my in-laws. When my mother-in-law asked for some hot water to add to her coffee, then my father-in law took some extra water too, I kind of got an inkling that my coffee may have been a little on the strong side– but I had no idea that it was that strong.
Scones, lemon curd, strawberry jam--Cuthbert's Tea Shoppe
Time for high tea at Cuthbert’s Tea Shoppe~

Having read that seatings booked up fast, I made reservations and a deposit online ahead of time. We were happy that Kallie was able to join us.

Once we were seated, we were each brought our own little teapot of black tea. Then we were each served a plate with two scones, lemon curd, strawberry jam, and clotted cream. The scones were crumbly, but very delicious.
Tea sandwiches, Cuthbert's Tea Shoppe
Next came the sandwiches: smoked salmon, cucumber, egg salad, and spinach.

English Trifle from Cuthbert's Tea shoppe
And an English Trifle to finish.
We were now officially stuffed.
Cinnamon Crunch Almonds
Time to pick up some Cinnamon Crunch Almonds on our way out.
There were a few of these stands around, and the cinnamon sugar aroma was maddeningly tantalizing.
teapot, gingerbread man cookie, cinnamon almond crunch

A Cuthbert’s Tea Shoppe teapot was included with the high tea, so we each got a brand new one to take home. Kallie and the Blue D. both got yellow ones, and I got a periwinkle blue one.

One last stop at Mr. Brown’s for a couple of gingerbread cookies to take home to Laurel and Quill.

So much more to see and eat yet! If you want to take a break to visit Victorian London, the Dickens Fair is open today, and the next four weekends.