Tasaka guri guri sign

One day when we were on Maui last month, we took a holo holo and picked up a bunch of treats.

Our first stop was at the old time favorite Tasaka Guri Guri in Maui Mall. Guri guri is kind of like a sherbet, or a sorbet mixed with condensed milk.

Guri guri has been famous on Maui for years and years, and I hadn’t had any for many years.

Strawberry and pineapple guri guri

It only comes in two flavors– strawberry and pineapple, so we got a scoop of each.

The strawberry tasted more like a strawberry bubblegum, and the pineapple was definitely sweet. I can see why kids love this stuff.

Broke da mouth cooke company sign

About five minutes away was the Broke Da Mouth Cookie Company, now renamed Papa Toad’s Broke Da Mouth Bakery.

When we stopped by, we were told that the bakery had recently gotten new owners, but all the delicious recipes remained the same.

Chocolate cupcake with banana frosting

They are well known for their crispy style cookies, but they also have other pastries and cakes.

A display of jars filled with samples of all the cookie flavors is right up front. I loved the Chinese Almond Cookies.

Here’s Laurel’s chocolate cupcake with the lightest, most delicate banana frosting we’ve ever tasted.

Chocolate chip cheesecake

A Quill approved mini chocolate chip cheesecake

Mini cheesecakes with blueberries, lilikoi, chocolate chips and guava line the top case.

Dream cake and Coconut Cream cake

Local cake favorites include Dream Cake (back), and Coconut Cream Cake.

If there’s one thing Hawaiian bakeries do well, it’s making cakes…one of the things I miss the most.

Queen Emma Cake, whole

Broke Da Mouth’s most famous item is the Queen Emma Cake!

Many couples choose this cake for their wedding cake, and I can see why.

Queen Emma Cake, cut open

Queen Emma Cake from the bottom up: Guava Chiffon Cake, Guava Mousse, Lilikoi Chiffon Cake, Lilikoi Mousse, White Chiffon Cake, Haupia Mousse, White Chiffon Cake, frosted all over with Whipped Topping, topped with Haupia, then decorated with Guava and Lilikoi Gels

Layer upon layer of soft delight!

Queen Emma Cake, slice

A very light and pretty cake.

They were so nice to keep the cake refrigerated for us while we shopped around a bit more in Kahului before driving 40 minutes back to our condo. Even though I brought a large insulated bag and ice packs with us, I didn’t want to keep the cake in the car for a couple of hours.

One of the very nice owners who was there, reassured us that the cake would be fine for the drive back, as it was frosted with a whipped topping and could stay at room temperature for a couple of hours.

Farmer's market at Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center

So we quickly zipped over to the Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center where the farmer’s market is there three days of the week!

I would love to have the farmer’s market available so often at the shopping mall.

After we were done shopping at the stores, I picked up some papayas to add to a smoothie later.

Front of Leoda's Kitchen and Pie shop

First a quick trip back to pick up our Queen Emma Cake, then our next stop was in Olowalu at Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop.

Display of mini pies at Leoda's

This crusts on these pies (and yes, we tried all three of these) were very good.

Kind of like a graham cracker pie crust, but a little different in texture and more so in flavor.

I was quite surprised at how good they tasted.

Strawberries and Cream tarts at Leoda's

Very pretty, but we couldn’t get everything– we still had a whole Queen Emma Cake, cookies, and muffins in the car!

Berry pies and Apple crumb pies at Leoda's

More pies…

chocolate praline pie, banana cream pie, pineapple yuzu tart at Leoda's

and tarts….

Leoda's Apple Hand Pie, whole

Hand Held Sweet Apple Pie

Leoda's Apple Hand Pie, cut open

Beautiful, almost too perfect to eat. I wished it had cinnamon in it and was a bit more saucy though.

While we were waiting in line, with three or four people ahead of us, the guy behind of us got his order taken first. Must have been some VIP.

Then right as we got to the front of the line, he hollered out to add on a hand held berry pie, which I was going to order.

Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries all together– I had my heart set on getting one. Too bad he took the last one. >:( grrrr….

Chicken pot pie in box from Leoda's

But then I ordered something really special in this little box.

One of their famous chicken pot pies, but unbaked so I could bake it later and we could eat it fresh out of the oven.

Leoda's chicken pot pie, unbaked

Take a look at that crust! You can see all the herbs and cheese.

I’m wondering if there were any mushrooms in that crust too, because it had a greyish tinge to it and a very savory aroma.

Leoda's chicken pot pie, baked\

Our whole place smelled incredible when this was baking in the oven.

Chicken breast, peas, carrots, and kale in a veloute sauce, covered with that crust– amazing!

I was still a little unhappy about not getting that berry pie, but this chicken pot pie definitely made it better.