Peach and prociutto salad
Peach and Prosciutto Salad, Shaved Fennel, Watermelon Radish, Coffee Aioli, and Smoked Olive Oil

I’m taking a little break from the Hawaii posts to show you a peek of the delicious dinner we had last night at Ella’s Dining Room and Bar.

So fresh, sweet yet savory–if only the salads I make at home would look and taste like this! Aren’t the watermelon radishes pretty?
Lobster Flatbread
Flatbread with Lobster, Corn, Creme Fraiche, and Cherry Tomatoes

I’m gonna say this was my favorite of the night. This with the peach and proscuitto salad would be enough to make a perfect meal.
Roasted Shishito peppers
Roasted Shishito Peppers, Toasted Garlic, Fresh Lemon, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Beautiful simply to look at. I heard a lot of people around me commenting about how good they were. Too bad my stomach has been a little sensitive lately. I didn’t want to eat some and risk not being able to enjoy the rest of the dishes to come.

Then Juli, one of my tablemates, suggested I just lick the pepper.  Mmmm…that toasted garlic and olive oil with just a little bit of heat was delicious! At least I got a little taste. Good idea Juli!
Lobster mac and cheese
Lobster Mac and Cheese

Very rich and decadent. Loved the crispy topping too.
Roasted Scottish salmon
Roasted Scottish Salmon, Summer Bean Succotash, Brentwood Corn, Smoked Bacon, and Uni Butter

So many good things to eat. By this time I was just eating a couple bites– had to save room to try everything.
Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Wedge Potatoes, Blistered Tomato, Spicy Greens and Chimichurri

This beef , so wonderfully tender, and the potatoes, rolled in the sauce, made me want to eat more. My second favorite dish of the night.
Fire Roasted chicken
Fire Roasted Half Chicken, Caesar Panzanella, Grilled Lemon, and Chicken Jus

Served by itself, I’m sure this dish would be really good, but after eating all the rest, I just liked some of the others better.
Almond Pavlova
Almond Pavlova, Grilled Peaches, White Chocolate Cream, Lemon Verbena Infused Blackberries

Oh yes….that’s all I really need to say. The white chocolate cream was perfect with the pavlova and fruit. I didn’t taste the lemon verbena in the blackberry sauce, but it was all still really good.
Chocolate Semifreddo
Milk Chocolate Semifreddo, Raspberries, and Chocolate Streusel

If you love chocolate, you’d like this–it’s very chocolately.

I like chocolate, but I’m still thinking about that Pavlova. I think I’d just like to go back and take a nap in it! =)

All in all, a very nice dinner shared in good company.