buche de Noel log end with green elf and mushroom

Christmas cheer to you all!

Buche de Noel top view of two swirled ends

Buche De Noel  ~  Yule Log Cake

Buche de Noel side view of two swirled ends

Made with a double Lindt chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.

Looks like this little elf found a perfect spot to relax after months and months of hard work.

Buche de Noel log end with red elf and mushroom

Not sure what this elf’s expression seems to be saying, “Yikes, a mushroom!” or “Yay, a mushroom!”

Well, whatever it is, these elves disturb Quill– you know Quill and her relationship with mushrooms. She has no problems when it comes to eating the cake though. =)

buche de Noel logs ends with red elf, green elf  and mushrooms

I baked some cakes in large custard cups and frosted them as tree stumps or log ends.

It’s perfect for when a whole log cake is too much.

Kick back and enjoy Christmas Day!