Custard Mousse cup w/berries, close up

Custard Mousse with Fresh Berries

It’s tradition in our house, that on your birthday, you get to choose a meal and a cake.

Last night we celebrated Cole’s birthday, and he chose what we call here “The Guy’s Meal.” He’s chosen this meal for the past 14 years, and so has the Blue Dinosaur.  Grilled steak, twice baked potatoes, and Caesar Salad.

Twice baked potatoes before last baking

Of the utmost importance to Cole has been these twice baked potatoes.

He talks about them year round. I daresay he even dreams of them.

Twice baked potatoes before last baking, side view

At the height of his teenaged years, he could down two to four of these giant babies in one night.

Ahh…teen boy metabolism, if only we moms could burn calories at that rate!

Twice baked potatoes browned on top

Some years, Cole would opt to have another twice baked potato as his dessert, instead of the real dessert.

We’d all just eat his cake for him– Guava Chiffon, Chocolate Dobash, Peach Bavarian, Haupia Chiffon.

Though in the last several years, he’s developed his sweet tooth more and has requested my Fruit Basket Cake (chiffon cake with layers of custard, fruit and whipped cream) or my Banana Cream Pie Parfait (just the custard filling I use in my cakes layered with bananas, whipped cream, and crumbled pie crust).

Custard Mousse cups, top view

Last night I decided to blend the custard with the whipped cream to make a custard mousse.

Topped with fresh berries and chocolate roll cookies, the kids went nuts over this.

I made an extra one, the extra big one in the center, for the birthday boy, but he decided to take a little one like everyone else. When I asked him why he didn’t take the big one for himself, he said, “I thought it would be more fun to share it with everyone else.”  <smile>

Happy Birthday Cole, what a fine young man you’ve turned out to be.

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